Jeremy Scott
Jeremy hosts a variety of Podcasts for Unmistakably Star Wars and writes regularly for the site. When he is not working for Unmistakably Star Wars he is teaching high school, being a dad to 3 kids, and a husband.


Devin Kleffer
Devin - or Kleff to those who know him - is a connoisseur and purveyor of fine wit and biting sarcasm. He longs to grow a beard as delightful as Alec Guinness, and hates all things C3PO. When he's not talking Star Wars, he's wishing he was. Follow him @mrkleffer
Tyler Sharp
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain... When Tyler isn't making sure things behind the scenes run as smooth as a droid's joints after an oil bath, he's co-hosting Rebels Reaction with his better half.


Franklin Taylor
Long time Oregonian that spends most his time in his quadjumper traversing the Star Wars galaxy. When on his homeworld he takes care of his puppy anooba and bratty Loth-cats. Went into Corellian Overdrive of the fandom in 2013.
Eve loves long twitter threads and direct messages from fellow Star Wars diehards (and on occasion a few from Mark Hamill!). The Empire Strikes Back and Luke Skywalker are her favorites... and okay yeah, Darth Vader, too. When she's not geeking out on the internet, Eve writes and takes photographs professionally in a cozy Pennsylvanian suburb. You can find her on twitter as @skywalker_eve.
Carl Hassler
Carl is a former attorney who now works occasional odd jobs and recycles aluminum cans. He has a beautiful wife and two wonderful kids, all of whom he has converted to Star Wars/comic book nerds. He believes the only way to make Star Wars better is to incorporate Pride and Prejudice into the canon.
Christine Sharp
Christine is an aspiring author who writes fan fiction for Unmistakably Star Wars and co-hosts Rebels Reaction.
Rebekah Jones
Beks is the even-tempered and always smiling co-host that can throw a verbal jab as well as anyone this side of the outer rim. She's a big fan of Ewoks and tattoos, and is excited for the day when the two collide. When she's not busy beating Jeremy on Blast Points, Beks can be found hand making a variety of Star Wars cosplay outfits for her family.
Barb Brown
Growing up in Canada with an older brother who loved all things sports, music and comics related, Barb naturally followed that same path, and was a Star Wars fan from the beginning. Yet her enthusiasm and excitement went far beyond just loving the movies, as she would find any excuse to learn about and write about Star Wars for school projects. Star Wars has always been fun and exciting to Barb, and growing up in the age of Star Wars, it seems unfathomable to her to imagine life without it. Currently raising 3 girls along with her loving husband, Barb also loves movies, books, and music, and is an outdoors enthusiast who loves backpacking, camping, mountain biking, skiing and pretty much anything outside.
Bryan Fontaine
Bryan was less than a year old when Return of the Jedi hit theaters for the first time but that didn’t stop him from becoming a diehard Star Wars fan from an early age. With the recent release of The Force Awakens – it rekindled a love of Star Wars and resulted in the desire to start collecting. He later founded JediScavenger.com to help other Star Wars collectors of all experience levels. Bryan contributes to the USW team as “The Jedi Scavenger” and you can find him on Twitter at @JediScavengerSW.


Donell Lindner
Donell brings moxie and grit, with just the right amount of class and humor. When she's not running Spartan races or taking-in a music festival, she can be found polishing her blaster.
Alejandro Martinez
As a Millennial, I enjoy all things Star Wars (even the prequels). By day I am but a humble un-teachable teacher, but by night I dawn a cloak of fandoms that are too difficult to keep track of: Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Batman, Halo, and of course The Walking Dead and Harry Potter… to name a few. My perfect wife enables me in my fictional scientific pursuits; in kind, she receives a hand-crafted mixture of Cuban and Hawaiian coffee in the form of a latte each morning.
Grant Craton
"I enjoy a good story and it doesn't get much better than a Star Wars story."
Cort Sharp
Cort is a lifelong fan of theme parks and Star Wars. He co-hosts Unmistakably Magic, a theme park podcast (yes, they stole our name and logo) that features the latest news, reviews, and tips for visiting theme parks.