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Eve loves long twitter threads and direct messages from fellow Star Wars diehards (and on occasion a few from Mark Hamill!). The Empire Strikes Back and Luke Skywalker are her favorites... and okay yeah, Darth Vader, too. When she's not geeking out on the internet, Eve writes and takes photographs professionally in a cozy Pennsylvanian suburb. You can find her on twitter as @skywalker_eve.

A Dividing Line – On JJ Abrams

Star Wars news headlines were alive and well this week, which is something that seems par for the course more often than not lately....

A Very Merry Star Wars Christmas Tree

Don’t be deceived by the title – I’m not headlining an article about a Star Wars tree product that exists as a wholesale item...

Many Bovines Died to Bring Us This Inspiration

Hamill. Leather. Jackets. At the intersection of fandom and quirkiness there was a collision. It was a joke at first...as most things of this nature...