Episode 57: Fighting Oppression In Star Wars

On this episode of Unmistakably Star Wars, Devin, Rebekah, and Jeremy chat about how and why oppression is an important theme in Star Wars and in our world today.

On the show they:

  • Disagree with Jeremy about his theory about the future of Star Wars stories.
  • Play Blastpoints, the game sweeping the galaxy
  • Hear from Jedi Scavenger about regret in collecting.
  • Talk about Episode 9 being filmed in 65mm.
  • Consider all of the new footage revealed in the trailers and commercials for Rogue One.
  • Take a Closer Look at oppression in Star Wars Star Wars.
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So let’s GO!!!

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Jeremy Scott
Jeremy hosts a variety of Podcasts for Unmistakably Star Wars and writes regularly for the site. When he is not working for Unmistakably Star Wars he is teaching high school, being a dad to 3 kids, and a husband.