Episode 77: The Future of Star Wars

On this episode of Unmistakably Star Wars Eve, Devin, and Jeremy sit down to talk about trust in Star Wars and why it is an important theme. The crew also takes a look into the future of Star Wars and what projects might be made.

Also on the show:

  • Jedi Scavenger is back to talk about collecting and Funko Pops. Also, check out his new website: Brick City Blockade.
  • The Unmistakably Star Wars team chats up Jeremy’s new obsession: Vader’s Castle on Mustafar
  • The amazing “I Will Follow” segment.
  • They ask and try to answer the question if there should be multiple Thrawn novels.
  • The gang also digs into what the future of Star Wars might look like.
  • Devin sits down to chat with Topps Star Wars artist Charles Cody about his work in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.
  • Finally, the gang takes a CLOSER LOOK at Trust in Star Wars and why it is a theme worth noticing.

So Let’s GO!!!!