Episode 80: Rebel Rising

On this episode of Unmistakably Star Wars, authors Beth Revis and Janine Spendlove come on the show to discuss writing, Star Wars, and Beth’s new book Rebel Rising.

Also on the show:

  • The segment that is sweeping the nation: “I Will Follow”
  • Devin, Eve, and Jeremy discuss the new release date for Episode 9 and what that announcement might tell us about the future of the series.
  • Jeremy shares how he pissed off kids in the school lunch line by using Star Wars.
  • Devin is growing a beard to look like “hot Kallus”
  • Who really is writing Episode 9 and should we be ok with that?
  • Eve has a “Hall Pass”
  • Finally, on the closer look segment, the crew responds to the wonderful interview with Beth Revis and Janine Spendlove

Order Rebel Rising HERE!

So Let’s GO!!!!


  1. […] Rebel Rising was a well written story! Even though I knew where Jyn was going to end up in Rogue One, the journey to get there pulled my emotions into all sorts of directions. I can only imagine the feelings I will have, when I watch Rogue One again. Something that did stand out to me while reading this novel was how much Lyra Erso left an impression on Jyn. That struck a chord with me, because in the movie Lyra is practically non-existent (luckily the novelization did bring her up, and revealed her motivations during the prologue). There was also a duality in this novel of something so beautiful and horrifying unfolding. So many characters felt real. I highly recommend this novel to all Star Wars fans, but I do warn the story is physically and emotionally brutal. This is the story of Jyn Erso. The real Jyn Erso, and her motivations going into Rogue One. Additionally, the nods to other stories felt natural, and left me grinning ear to ear. Beth Revis was kind enough to appear on Unmistakably Star Wars, with Janine K. Spendlove, where she was able to discuss her novel (found here). […]

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