Through My Eyes: “Kindred Spirits” Review

“Kindred Spirits” originally released on Star Wars Insider magazine issue 159. Currently, the short story can be found in the back of the paperback release of Dark Disciple. The magazine version features artwork by Magali Villeneuve. Set after season 6 of the TV show The Clone Wars, this short story reintroduces Asajj Ventress before her return in the novel Dark Disciple. In addition, this short story brings to life a new character, Lassa Rhayme!

Asajj Ventress

Betrayer. Betrayed. Asajj Ventress has been on both sides of the credit chip. Now, she is simply a bounty hunter. This story tracks her on her mission from Sheb, who was first introduced in the novel Dark Disciple to escort a special something… one item of importance. Something the previous owner would not mind losing anymore now that the job went belly up.

Asajj Ventress

Lassa Rhayme

Betrayer. Betrayed. Lassa Rhayme has only one loyalty– her crew. Captain of the ship Opportunity and leader of the Blood Bone Order, this tattooless Pantoran had seen many things. Not of those things was seeing her treasure, the ship Steady On already plundered from her grasp! The only consolation prize… a Dathomirian, named Asajj Ventress. A bounty hunter… with a yellow laser sword?!

Two souls united to fulfill their mission. A mission that brought them to Florrum, home to the dashingly devious Weequay pirate, Hondo Ohnaka. Except the rubble palace was missing it’s king as Ohnaka was off becoming more rich or beautiful. It was not clear. What was clear was that Jiro (unscrupulous pirate henchman) was in charge. Just in time to be given the opportunity of a lifetime! A chance to bring down the Blood Bone Order, ransom a Jedi, and gain a new member of the crew! Except all is not as it seemed…

Overall Thoughts

The beauty of this story is how Christie Golden introduces Lassa Rhayme. I was so glad to have read this short story before the novel Dark Disciple because it only enhanced the moment she briefly appeared in the novel. Hopefully, more stories about the Blood Bone Order and their Pantoran pirate captain surface, as there are so many potential stories begging to be made! Asajj Ventress and Hondo Ohnaka also felt very true to their character. I could easily hear the voice actors in my head reading those lines of dialogue and I would have liked the story to be longer. I would have loved there to be more! Though, I am thoroughly content, with the short story she wrote.