Growing up in my neighborhood, there were two types of kids: those who did pre-Christmas reconnaissance missions into the dark voids of their parents closet, and those who did not. Those who ventured into the confines of bedroom closets and “locked” rooms, meticulously planned out their search for unwrapped presents, and then reported their soon-to-be received bounty to the rest of us. (For the record, my wife is still like this to this day. If a package arrives for Christmas or her birthday, it gets opened immediately.)

I, on the other hand, never understood this. Don’t misunderstand, I get the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning – that’s a no-brainer. But for me, the desire to be surprised on Christmas morning always outweighed the temptation to peek.  “What fun is Christmas morning, if you already know what’s behind the wrapping paper?” I always thought. I even remember one Christmas I got pissed at my friends when they revealed they had seen my old man hiding the dirt bike I would be receiving on Christmas (I’m talking about you, Thomas DeWinter and Scott O’dell!).

So, here we are – only two days away from the release of Star Wars:The Force Awakens, and once again, there are two types of fans: those who want to read every (potential) spoiler or critic review and then incessantly post about it on social media, and those who are not giving-in to the Dark Side, and are avoiding social media until they experience the unspoiled film for themselves. Any guess as to which group I’m in…?

How about you? Will you read reviews and reactions before you see the film, or will you unwrap the package yourself and experience the surprise?



  1. I have done my best to avoid even the trailers. Yes, I have given in to the dark side occasionally and watched a trailer, but I want as little of the story revealed to me prior to my own little private screening (ye,s I am blessed to go to a private screening) as possible. That’s what makes this exciting, no preconceptions other then the previous movies. It is a early Christmas this year.

    • Darth Dadzilla: I’m with you – only I’m not, since you know, I’m not going to a private screening! I can’t wait to hear your reaction and discuss in detail!

  2. I know for one I will not be looking. I’m staying off social media and everything until I see it. If it’s great, in don’t want my expectations to be too high. If it’s horrible, I don’t want to have a biased, pissed off feeling for 2 plus hours.

    • Anjax: If it’s horrible, it’s gonna be a long, cold, lonely winter…but it won’t be! (I hope…)

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