Podmé is a monthly series podcast that was started with the intent to shine a light on the often-overlooked female heroine of the prequels, the mother of Luke and Leia, the voice of reason, one of the smartest people in the galaxy during her time and beyond. Amy Wishman Nalan (@AmyWishman), Charlotte Errity (@crerrity), Lynn Walker (@LynnyNeal), Natalie (@ladyofthewhills), and Sarah Dempster (@SarahDemp) all lead this discussion on why Padmé Amidala is one of their personal heroes in this first introduction episode. 

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Devin Kleffer
Devin - or Kleff to those who know him - is a connoisseur and purveyor of fine wit and biting sarcasm. He longs to grow a beard as delightful as Alec Guinness, and hates all things C3PO. When he's not talking Star Wars, he's wishing he was. Follow him @mrkleffer


  1. Perhaps you would like the book “The Star Wars Heresies: Interpreting The Themes, Symbols and Philosophies of Episodes I-III”.

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