On this episode of Unmistakably Star Wars the gang gets together to discuss:

  • John Boyega’s comments on Episode 8.
  • The Lineup at Celebration London
  • The Darth Vader Comic is DEAD?!?!?!
  • Is Star Wars the National Epic of The United States? Beyond?
  • A Conversation with Star Wars Author Alexander Freed
  • The Bloodline Book Club!!! (Warning: Spoilers)

So lets GO!!!


  1. Does “Unmistakably Star Wars” have a spoiler policy? I checked you guys out last week with Episode 30 and really enjoyed it, though I fast forwarded through both the Rogue One spoiler discussion and the Bloodline discussion (waiting on paperback for that one).

    I’m about 10 minutes into this episode, though, and I hear: “Are we missing something if Star Wars does not have romance? And of course, we’ve already perhaps read some spoilers and stuff or…” I’ve hit the pause button, as I have NOT read any Episode VIII spoilers… So a couple questions:

    1) I’m assuming I don’t want to hear how that sentence ends, so can you tell me where I can safely jump to and listen after any spoiler-y remarks on this topic are complete?

    2) What’s your general approach to spoilers (or spoiler policy)? This one included an okay lead-in (although something in the show notes would’ve been appreciated) so I could hit pause and avoid this, but generally, how at risk am I of stumbling upon spoilers I don’t want to hear by listening to your show?


    • Thanks for listening and great questions! (1) That particular conversation was in response to an article in Variety magazine. The interviewer had asked John Boyega about what she perceived as a budding romance between Finn and Rey – which was odd to us here, at USW, since none of us saw a romantic relationship between the two. Our conversation about “is romance necessary in Star Wars” is more a generalized question (i.e. “do we need a romantic storyline in Star Wars for us to enjoy it?”). (2) As for spoilers, we will always (a) make it super obvious with “spoiler alerts,” and (b) will place it at the end of the show – as to not make you have to fast-forward through parts of the show. Hope this helps! MTFBWY!

      • Thanks for the reply!

        I listened to the first few minutes of the discussion of the Variety article–which I agree is totally in-bounds; I’m all for discussion of interviews and other officially-released content, as well as general speculation (uninformed by any insider spoiler knowledge)–but got nervous with that remark implying you were about to discuss some spoiler content. So, to beat a dead horse: Are you saying the remark that starts at the 10 and a half minute mark will NOT disclose any spoiler material?

        (I’m sorry to be pedantic; this is something I would only do for Star Wars. Like I said, I’m enjoying your podcast and hope I can continue listening!)

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